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Also enclosed is a template for cutting the correct opening in a drum, and a short bungee cord for securing the power drill.
Hanlon was bludgeoned with a power drill when he was ambushed by a mob in Stepps, Lanarkshire, a week before twin Bryan was mutilated in a separate attack.
Power drills These are probably the most useful power tools for both the skilled and firsttime DIYer alike.
Using chainsaws and large-bit power drills, artificial cavities and "starter holes" were drilled into the trees to provide shelter--immediate and future--for the homeless survivors of Hugo.
Tenders are invited for Procurement of Power Drill and Saw (Batery Operated)
Sunday November 30 at 7pm: Garage door forced open and power drill stolen.
A Kodak digital camera worth PS150, a PS350 De Walt power drill in a yellow and black case and house keys were taken from the kitchen.
A VIOLENT thug yesterday admitted brutally assaulting a man with a power drill.
The patented cutting action, which produces a perfect chamfer on both cut faces of the pipe, is driven by a combination of a geared assembly and cordless power drill, continuously advancing the cutting head at a controlled rate, then returning it to the start position, interlocked and ready for the next cut.
Ross John Cooper, 21, first stole a power drill and then a DVD player when he twice burgled a flat-mate at their bedsit in Ninian Road, Roath, Cardiff.
The haul included a Makita grinder/cutter valued at pounds 90, a Makita power drill valued at pounds 190, a cordless Makita drill valued at pounds 80, a circular saw valued at pounds 180, a concrete power drill valued at pounds 300 and a drill and laser level set valued at pounds 100.
A DIY chain yesterday announced it was launching a wedding list service for couples who would rather receive a power drill than a canteen of cutlery.

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