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Power drills These are probably the most useful power tools for both the skilled and firsttime DIYer alike.
Using chainsaws and large-bit power drills, artificial cavities and "starter holes" were drilled into the trees to provide shelter--immediate and future--for the homeless survivors of Hugo.
Hanlon was bludgeoned with a power drill when he was ambushed by a mob in Stepps, Lanarkshire, a week before twin Bryan was mutilated in a separate attack.
The patented cutting action, which produces a perfect chamfer on both cut faces of the pipe, is driven by a combination of a geared assembly and cordless power drill, continuously advancing the cutting head at a controlled rate, then returning it to the start position, interlocked and ready for the next cut.
Ross John Cooper, 21, first stole a power drill and then a DVD player when he twice burgled a flat-mate at their bedsit in Ninian Road, Roath, Cardiff.
The haul included a Makita grinder/cutter valued at pounds 90, a Makita power drill valued at pounds 190, a cordless Makita drill valued at pounds 80, a circular saw valued at pounds 180, a concrete power drill valued at pounds 300 and a drill and laser level set valued at pounds 100.
Of the 31 premises checked, 30 were breaking legal limits for noise levels, while in 13 instances music was so loud that the sound resembled a power drill shattering concrete.
KETCHUM, USA: Dr Keith Sivertson saved the life of a patient by drilling through his skull with a Makita power drill from the local DIY store.
Initially focusing on the boating and tailgating audiences, the drillblender is a totally portable blender attachment that uses the power of an 1100 plus RPM power drill.
GLENDALE - An argument between two workers at a furniture warehouse in Glendale on Wednesday afternoon escalated into a bloody attack as one man stabbed the other man in the chest five times with a cordless power drill and fled, police said.
Like raiding the tool-box for a power drill to take the elbow grease out of making the cake icing, or using a generous handful of petroleum jelly, olive oil and a couple of plastic bags to make your hands silky soft.
Sunday November 30 at 7pm: Garage door forced open and power drill stolen.

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