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10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- E-bikes, bicycles with power assist provided by an electric motor activated by pedaling or a handlebar mounted power lever, are rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to a 100% human pedal power bicycle.
Cockpit indications accurately reflected the fault, but faced with an unusual and poorly documented failure case in a time-critical situation, the pilot did not take the appropriate action of retarding the right power lever.
While executing the "go" portion of our touch-and-go at South Lake Tahoe, the power levers were placed to max power before either engine had produced greater than 500 pounds of thrust.
Wilkinson Sword Power Lever grass and hedge shears.
After the aircraft was brought down to the hangar bay for maintenance, our mechanics found that a bolt on the starboard engine power lever coordinator had come off.
He set the power lever to idle to reduce the temperature.
The R&I states that if the crew performed a successful overspeed governor check on the propeller in question, and the power lever for that engine has remained in flight idle since the successful check (which it had in our case), then it is mechanically impossible for the low pitch stop to be in a failed state.
Seconds after Ahern hit the power lever, TV3 burst onto the television screens of thousands of curious Irish viewers.
To prevent the power levers from retarding out of the flight range, there is an item on the landing checklist: Power Lever Lock--AS REQUIRED.
Procedurally, our community has learned to push the power lever of the malfunctioning engine to max power prior to feathering.
3 power lever back and forth and making slight turns and pitches of the aircraft.
I had chair-flied this malfunction many times and always had told myself, "If you do nothing else, advance the affected power lever.