power of disposal

See: dominion
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According to a press release (via Jurist), the government's measures, ruled the court, are "necessary todeprive it of its symbolic power"an act that "can only be taken if the Republic of Austria obtains full power of disposal of the property.
In the case of appropriation, inheritance, compulsory purchase, debt enforcement or court judgment, the acquirer becomes the owner even before registration in the land register, but obtains the power of disposal over the immovable property only once he or she has been recorded as the owner in the land register.
Coun Alden (Con Harborne) added: "If we exclude the power of disposal then that will remove the majority of concern that people have about the future of the trust.
In his habilitation thesis of 1881, Whether Legal Rights and Relationships Are Economic Goods, Bohm-Bawerk disputes the claim that rights are different from the goods to which they give title: "A legal right or the legalized power of disposal over a thing is nothing more nor less than a necessary reinforcement supplied by a politically organized state of the physical power which is needed by the owner of a good as a condition of its economic utilization (Shorter Classics of Bohm-Bawerk, 1962, 58f.
If they have the power of disposal of land the charity would need to comply with section 36 (2)of the Charities Act 1993,''he added.