power to choose

References in classic literature ?
Well, it is odd and sad that our minds should be such seed-beds, and we without power to choose the seed.
Monsieur could not easily place himself in the position of a person who had not the power to choose, I will go here to-morrow, or there next day; I will pass these barriers, I will enlarge those bounds.
Waitrose managing director Mark Price said: "This is a ground-breaking move giving customers the power to choose the offers they want.
If you would like to do something to help our patients have the power to choose, please visit our website for ideas, events or to simply donate or sign up to become a valuable regular giver.
Al Ashqar said: "The Arab Spring gave the people the power to choose their leaders.
Jordan King Abdullah currently enjoys the power to choose prime ministers and cabinet members, and many complain that the country's parliament does not enjoy enough power.
A visit to your vet practice can be a pleasurable experience, with the choice of vets in a local area meaning you have the power to choose which vet and practice is the best suited to you.
We can also use our purchasing power to choose products that have the least packaging.
And the Cabinet Office indicated that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is ready to consider giving up his power to choose members and chairmen of the anti-sleaze bodies which pass judgment on ministers' ethical standards.
The power to choose is what the initiative is all about.
In an exercise the district does regularly, elementary students receive menu-planning power to choose more of what they want -- and learn nutrition at the same time.
It allows patients to have choice of an appointment that is convenient to them and gives them the power to choose faster treatment at a place that meets their personal needs.