power to understand

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RedZone plans to integrate the technology with its real-time crime database and apply the technology's analytical power to understand and predict crime and terror events on a mass scale.
The flexibility of commerce on Salesforce gives businesses the power to understand and make changes quickly in response to customer and business needs.
The Array provides the necessary power to understand development and disease in populations, test treatments, and conduct clinical trials in a dish.
The result is the power to understand, predict and simulate the causes of user dissatisfaction or network issues, before they have an impact.
He underscored that negotiations are merely aimed at assuring the world powers that Iran's nuclear program is peaceful, and further called on the G5+1 to display that they have the power to understand other nations' right to use peaceful nuclear technology.
France began delivering sophisticated weapons to Kurdistan's PeshMerga, thus becoming the first Western power to understand the real dangers of an ISIS advance to any part of the GME, while the US Air Force knocked out many of the terrorist group's positions there but Obama on Aug.
He believes that it may take one or two decades for the Arab World to reach their desired change, adding that, "It was the inability of those in power to understand why you have gained power.
The lack of ease apparently forced them to slow down and use more brain power to understand the text.
With Webtrends Streams we give businesses the power to understand their online business as it happens.
We want those of influence and power to understand the difference we make and conclude that our channel of business is worthwhile and survives best under free market conditions and self regulation.
Let us pray for the power to understand how Gannon made his way from HotMilitaryStud.