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Of short-stories he is the most powerful recent writer, as witness 'The Man Who Would Be King,' 'The Man Who Was,' 'Without Benefit of Clergy,' and
This is the image of the Great Queen, and the most powerful thing the white men know," he said, solemnly.
She is more powerful than Suleiman the Wise, who commanded the genii, as you know," said Hollis, gravely.
They were in violent contrast together--one motionless and the colour of bronze, the other dazzling white and lifting his arms, where the powerful muscles rolled slightly under a skin that gleamed like satin.
and I could see another man, powerful and bearded, peering at him intently from amongst the dark and polished tubes that can cure so many illusions.
Although powerful people often tend to decide and act quickly, they become more indecisive than others when the decisions are toughest to make, suggests a study in Psychological Science.
Forbes Middle East has unveiled the names of its Most Powerful Arab Women for 2015 ranking, in a Thursday press statement.
Powerful Men, LLC, Miami, FL, has expanded its brand with Powerful Yogurt Protein Bars and Powerful Yogurt PLUS+.
The death toll from a powerful typhoon in the southern Philippines climbed to more than 200 people on Wednesday.
FROM MEDIA TITAN OPRAH WINFREY to megastar Will Smith, powerful forces in Hollywood are controlling the content that millions across the globe watch in movie theatres, on their laptops, and at home.
In the music students I studied, and consistent with social learning research, performance accomplishments were the most powerful source of self-efficacy for managing anxiety.