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He denied the Richard Johnson-ridden Western Jo, who travelled powerfully but couldn't hold on after touching 1.
An ample self-confidence comes through powerfully in Peter and Alison Smithson's The Charged Void: Urbanism, the companion volume in their oeuvre complete to The Charged Void: Buildings.
The artist transforms these somewhat unremarkable images into powerfully multivalent sculptures through an inventive use of transparency and light.
Ned has contributed powerfully to the work of the Board and of the FOMC for nearly eight years," said Federal Reserve Board Chairman Alan Greenspan.
The sections of 47 that deal with slave life are powerfully described and haunting, and the references to the legendary character of High John give the character of Tall John added depth: I found the SF plot less compelling and rather confusing at times.
Powerfully simple, the Compaq Presario X6000 series Notebook PC includes a 6-in-1 media card reader, built-in JBL Pro Speakers and two PC-card slots, including the latest ExpressCard.
A child's painting or drawing communicates more powerfully with other children, be they from the same community or from the other end of the world.
Accounts of his association with Toscanini, Casals, Ormandy, Szell, the Curtis Institute and the Marlboro Festival show us a person who powerfully influenced the performance and teaching of classical music in America for about fifty years.
Joe Clark's comments that Elsie Wayne's remarks were "extreme" illustrate how powerfully the "gay" propaganda about "discrimination" reverberates among the crowd of fence-sitting non-homosexuals.
Although McIver passed away in 2001, prior to the release of the book, we are indebted to him for collecting and powerfully retelling the stories of a fleeting generation who experienced a mighty movement of God.
I would argue most powerfully that those scandals must not silence nor limit the excellent influence that religious voices have in the formation of our governmental and societal policies, whether they be war and peace, the death penalty, stem cell research or questions of poverty," said Bishop Wilton Gregory.
These bodies powerfully occupy necessary kindling by virtue of ahmad's fresh, sensuous descriptions.