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Our people's hard work and dedication help us march ahead powerfully. We look forward to peace and security prevailing across the world."
There is, say, the powerfully prejudicing gender question.
The complicated relationships, emotions, and friendships that develop as a result of this tense situation affect Hazel's life in unexpected ways, and Campbell deals gently but powerfully with the emotional consequences of that fateful summer.
He denied the Richard Johnson-ridden Western Jo, who travelled powerfully but couldn't hold on after touching 1.17.
"The Iranian nation will powerfully and vigilantly continue its path with dignity and pride," Ahmadinejad said in a press conference in Tehran on Tuesday.
"With the help of God almighty and heedless of the (Western) hype, the paths to diverse scientific advancements, especially in nuclear technology, must be continued powerfully and earnestly (by the Islamic republic)," Khamenei said according to his website.
But with five minutes of the half remaining, the away side were not to be denied and after some brilliant work on the flank, Dan Stonehouse put in a pin point cross for Dan Stone to powerfully head home.
The home side settled quickly into their passing game and took the lead in 15 minutes when Ramage's pass from the left was powerfully headed home by Kenny Hannah.
This powerfully written story begins in a doctor's waiting room.
This inspired and inspiring account is powerfully presented and engages the readers total and rapt attention from beginning to end.
Other research indicates that negative emotions influence immune function and illness development more powerfully than positive emotions do, Kiecolt-Glaser says.
Kaalund reports that the book has helped him enhance his conflict-resolution skills and negotiate more powerfully.