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The innovation climate and powerfulness of firm in competition against rivals
Thus, this is the variant when the GTCC heat engine of 200 MW of electric powerfulness is needed for 250 MW heat demand.
The EV-neo is an electric scooter developed for businesses such as transport of heavy goods or delivery services and which delivers a clean and quiet ride without compromising powerfulness.
The powerfulness of a leader's face at a law firm seems to translate into profits for the whole firm.
That does not negate his earlier research that revealed a good deal of information contrary to the official Israeli narrative, but it does indicate the powerfulness of the historical psychological narrative over the current realities on the ground.
P) If an intrinsic essential predication of the form "Substance a is powerful" is true, then a's powerfulness exists, such that this entity is understood as the truthmaker for "Substance a is powerful.
His father teaches him the only way possible to live in Clintonville and for Fishbelly, the need to feign powerfulness in one situation and feign powerlessness in another, denying himself true control over his own life was not a compromise of selfhood that he was willing to accept.
That is why the powerfulness of those substance plans comes from this rare capacity in sculpture to enable us to see not a formal object but an open space on the verge of a breaking point--it enables us to perceive emptiness.
Sir Michael stresses the importance of changing behaviour in all tiers of government and of the "pressing need to inspire a sense of powerfulness in local government".
There is a straightforward reason for the powerfulness of word-of-mouth communications: once a manager begins to speak about the organization's mission statement, a moment of truth is reached in the minds of listeners.
In other words, gay musculature, in contrast to straight bodybuilding, does not signify patriarchal powerfulness but, rather, exposes the gay bodybuilder's homoerotic desire for perfected male bodies like his own male body.
The latter, "written after contemplating a Han dynasty funerary castle," she says, is authentically mythological, inasmuch as it is "the record of a kind of mandala-landscape outside of time and inside the soul, as well as because of its origin in the enduring powerfulness of ancient belief captured in a sacred object" ("A Personal Approach" 25).