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And steep increment of the EOLE in the low rpm (1000 ~ 2500) area is related to powerfulness. Through such above research case, we can see that powerful and pleasant sensations are affected by the characteristics of engine orders.
Although the two sensations are not exactly in inverse proportion, it is evident that there is a trade-off between pleasantness and powerfulness [1].
As the phase of the business cycle becomes older the powerfulness of the profit warning signal weakens.
Chapters are: introduction; value; authenticity; powerfulness; self-value; perceived self-value; other-value; course value.
Individuals scoring high on this dimension not only enjoy competition, but also derive feelings of superiority and powerfulness from competition.
A Janus-faced construct, simultaneously denoting powerfulness and powerlessness, centrality and marginality, inclusion and exclusion, 'the periphery'--and its ethnoclass signifiers--feature prominently in the work of citizenship.
The powerfulness is being continuously talked about by people below.
Great beauty always has powerfulness.--Nothing has the power of great beauty.
Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) BPNN is one of the most preferred NN in civil engineering related applications of NN because of its powerfulness, versatility, and simplicity (TRB Circular 1999; Adeli 2001).
Unjust exile comes from his "pelican daughters," and it thrusts Lear from the autocratic powerfulness of treating his kingdom like his purse to the utter powerlessness of seeking a roof in a storm.
She believes that when she began to engage in a spirituality that embraces "the God within" and a sense of powerfulness, her recovery blossomed to a greater degree than it would have with a straight reading of the Steps alone.
Y: Well, I teach using a simple method, again not my invention, but then people often forget powerfulness of the simple, common technique.