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15 shows the 2 dimensional index for the presentation of pleasantness and powerfulness of the interior sound.
Using them simultaneously as attributes of centrality and marginality, powerfulness and powerlessness, inclusion and exclusion, we have considered periphery, ethnicity, and class as symbolic and material resources that help subjects to attain strong leverage in their struggle against the changing geographies of labor.
Obviously, the mechanical power necessary for turning of the compressor does not determine the overall powerfulness of GTCC heat engine.
She contends that the act of writing may inevitably require a retreat into an illusory and defensive state of idealization where an illusion of one's powerfulness and/or one's sense of having enough inside oneself allows writing to take place.
Evaluation of the specific cultural landscape approved or not, is based on the criteria: uniqueness, local meaning, characteristics, peculiarity, and level of protection, status of functionality, authentic and historical identity, powerfulness, story, diversity, homogeneity, and harmonization with the natural environment (Fig.
Iran's environmental powers, Tehran: sagacity and powerfulness, first edition.
Specifically, this paper investigates micro credit impact on improving indices of women breakdown position in a household for the implication of women's feeling of powerfulness through generating, owning and controlling household assets by themselves, examines DECSI loan programme interaction with empowerment, via dimensions and levels, enlightens institutional (formal and informal) structures enhancing or hindering women's participation in income-earning activities (strategic life choices).
The addition of fully optimized TD-SCDMA software libraries is another clear testimony to the powerfulness and flexibility of our CEVA-XC family of DSPs for multimode communications processor designs," said Eran Briman, vice president of marketing at CEVA.
Truckee understands the letter as "a symbol of the goodness and powerfulness of white people and of their high regard for him as a true and loyal friend.
Israel is a combination of powerfulness and helplessness.