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The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said a number of the 120 complainants believed the ads were sexist and objectified the man, and some thought they were sexist because the women were depicted as powerless and weak.
At one point, the two actors appeared to be screaming at each other, with Cumberbatch looking powerless as he did nothing when the other actor confronted him.
Understandably, Michel would like to keep Sandro beyond the summer - but he admits he is powerless to prevent him from being lured to the Premier League.
It said that this powerless body can not be allowed to destroy private health sector.
In other words, powerless poses increased the negative thoughts people had about themselves, which squashed their drive to face challenges and dulled their creativity.
The Press Complaints Commission - much like its latest incarnation, Ipso (Independent Press Standards Organisation) - was designed from the outset to be powerless to investigate, powerless to sanction and thus powerless to prevent unethical, even criminal, behaviour.
The research aims at filling the gap in the development of pragmatic competence, by centring on the distinction between powerful and powerless language.
This unique story forms the basis of “The Power and the Powerless,” a feature length documentary to be distributed through Passion River Films.
ISLAMABAD -- Chairman Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan here on Friday demanded that justice (retd) Rana Bhagwandas, should not be humiliated by being appointed as a powerless Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) as had happened earlier.
Swann retired during the Ashes series in Australia because his bowling was awful and he felt powerless during matches.
President of "Mothers of Srebrenica" association , Munira Subasic said that "I was powerless when I was struggling for my son.
The influential thinker said the Finance Minister should resign and rubbished claims he is powerless to rein in bankers' pay.