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You have known the powerlessness of ideas before the might of impulse; and my visions, when once they had passed into memory, were mere ideas--pale shadows that beckoned in vain, while my hand was grasped by the living and the loved.
People power is people powerlessness in Mindanao [under] martial law,' Gutoc said in a statement released on Monday, the 33rd anniversary of the People Power movement.
In his message on the retirement of Chief Justice Saqib Nisar, he said the outgoing Chief Justice eliminated the sense of powerlessness from people and increased the trust of public on judiciary through his actions.
DESPITE approaching Christmas I have a sinking feeling, which could emanates from a sense of powerlessness. Where do I start?
A qualitative study published in 2012, Patients' engagement in primary care: powerlessness and compounding jeopardy, explored what poor older adults with LTCs said they wanted from clinicians (1) Those in the study had been purposefully selected on the basis of ethnicity, gender, age (50 or older), two or more LTCs, and had been admitted to hospital at least twice in a year for five or more bed days.
Samir Kassir once coined the term "Arab malaise" to describe "the very widespread and deeply seated feeling that Arabs have no future, no way of improving their condition." In the Middle East and North Africa, Kassir argued, there was a prevailing feeling of powerlessness: the powerlessness of being a lowly pawn on the geopolitical chessboard, the powerlessness of underdevelopment, the powerlessness of living under authoritarian politics.
In society and in the Church, let us strive to hear the voices of those condemned to silence by their powerlessness and to speak for them.
If you're intrigued, however, then you'll discover a gentle but prying examination of what it means to be alive, or in fact to die, as even wildlife takes a role in challenging the supposed powerlessness of your position.
In this study, the objective was to analyze the concept, defining characteristics, related factors of the powerlessness (Nursing Diagnosis 00125) in individuals who survived to stroke.
But other guiding principles, such as emphasis on powerlessness, run counter to the way veterans think, he said.
Power, Powerlessness and Globalization: Contemporary Politics in the Global South.
Powerlessness is the overwhelming emotion experienced by both polarized sides of the gun management debate.