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Powerlessness is the overwhelming emotion experienced by both polarized sides of the gun management debate.
The loss of the Beiji facility would be a devastating symbol of the Baghdad government's powerlessness in the face of a determined insurgency hostile to the West.
The first part is consisted of demographical questionnaire (age, education, occupational status, marital status, income rate) and the second part measures political participation and political powerlessness.
The book brings in the concepts of power and powerlessness to addiction which is a unique contribution.
Beirut Art in Oslo "In the exhibition pamphlet (which is in Norwegian) she states the scars on the wall represent physical and mental scars of the people and portray a picture of man's powerlessness in the situation of war.
However, he later resigned from his office, citing his powerlessness in serving the people of Lyari.
Citizens have had enough with the price increases and the feeling of powerlessness to change something while the Government, as usual, is quiet.
Unemployment, a feeling of powerlessness, cuts in education and youth services and police provocation all play a part.
Recent research has opened the door to many avenues to escape that powerlessness, as we see in The Whole-Body Workbook for Cancer, by Dan Kenner, PhD, LAC.
Due to powerlessness of the state the events in June led to clashes of two peoples, who used to live in peace for centuries.
This is a case from the field of violation of human rights but VMRO-DPMNE uses BDI's powerlessness as sordid trade," stated Zimberi.
This is an example of Britain's powerlessness in the world.