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You must now study, and profit by, all that lies beyond it, like a practical man.
If the people who are usually called practical, were practical in your direction--'
One can but be practical, and Mrs Meagles and myself are nothing else.
Among the wise men of Greece and Rome, few knew its existence, and none put it to any practical use.
But SALU as well as the authorities of that degree college boycotted the practical examinations, which is unfair.
With "The Big Book of Practical Spells" as a guide, anyone can learn how to enhance psychic power, cleanse an aura, be protected from malevolent powers, as well as create and use a wide variety of spells.
This volume is an important contribution to the burgeoning discipline of practical theology.
According to a circular issued from Intermediate Education Board , the practical examination will be conducted after theory examination.
Theoretical description is followed by specifying the practical considerations so as to cement the students' understanding of the component/apparatus.
Follow all the action in the arena as well as behind the scenes on Practical Horseman's Facebook page and Twitter feed using the hashtag #Rolex14 at www.
But, as Lear makes clear, an experience of irony is not a form of abandonment to one's practical identity but rather a form of fidelity to one's practical identity.
Professor Stevenson-Moessner offers this rich, poetic composition as an introduction to the world of practical theology.

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