practical attitude

See: pragmatism
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Its clear that only a majority Hodgman Liberal Government with a practical attitude to major infrastructure projects can deliver the new Bridgewater Bridge that Tasmanians expect.
Oakeshott calls the first of these attitudes "contemplative", and although he does not give to the second a precise name, he does say that it has an internal variety of different attitudes, among which one can distinguish the practical attitude and the scientific attitude, among others.
Your practical attitude could offend a thin-skinned colleague.
Though unlike other collectors, she keeps a refreshingly practical attitude towards them: " All cars are meant to be driven.
Speaking on the occasion, Rector IIUI said university wants to prepare its students as real skilled entrepreneurs who would know about the field work while the project under discussion would provide knowledge implementation opportunities to the students in addition with creating a more practical attitude among them.
The era of using the inefficient tactic of pressure and negation is over and it is the time for the US to seriously and explicitly adopt a stable realistic approach to Iran's peaceful nuclear program and show a steady practical attitude accordingly," she added.
All parties need to take a flexible and practical attitude in order to seek common ground and shelve differences", she added.
It is of course possible to quibble with some of these categorizations, but this is, in a way, a part of their utility for the book's reader, particularly because Wolfe's reasoning regarding each text's theoretical and practical attitude towards experimental forms of intimacy is clearly and intelligently made.
On the practical attitude dimension, Argentinean students were similar to both Kuwaiti and USA students.
And to emphasise the practical attitude of the Skoda designers, the scraper is made from see-through material and can be used as a magnifier to help read detail on maps or the like.
In fact, many countries have voiced their opposition to the EU scheme, and we hope the European side will act prudently and take a active and practical attitude in appropriately consulting about it with all sides, including China, to deal with the issue.
What was noticeable at the Dead Sea meeting was a very practical attitude from the political leaders.

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