practical demonstration

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The proceedings consisted of the formal opening by Clr Brook, introductions and thanks were given by John Hirst, followed by a practical demonstration and questions from John Spikings and refreshments.
The participants were given practical demonstration of drip irrigation by using low head irrigation system where energy can be saved.
Our aim is to combine a practical demonstration by each artist and an exhibition of their work.
The participants attended the instructive-methodological trainings with a practical demonstration of measures in case of invasion of the aggressor to the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The jury awarded Mitas' PneuTrac as the best innovation in the Component or Accessory category based on the detailed technical description and practical demonstration of this unique concept.
The enhancements provided by the SBEP grant will also make this area a practical demonstration center where homeowners can pick up practical tips and guidance for how to use Florida native plants in their own landscapes.
7 from key sensors on processing equipment within Hosokawa's toll processing facility at Runcorn, plant managers are now able to see a practical demonstration of how even small adjustments to equipment settings, material feeds etc can affect plant performance.
Farmer Huw Owen spoke about the wood chip project on his farm and provided a practical demonstration of chipping machinery.
It will witness a technical presentation titled 'New Sustainable Technology To Recover Returned Concrete,' showcasing the technology that enables the recovery of returned concrete from the site and transforms it into aggregates for reuse in new concrete production and a live practical demonstration of how the Re-Con Zero system actually works.
Muscat, Oct 10 (ONA) The Sultan Qaboos Military College (SQMC) at the Royal Army of Oman (RAO) today implemented a practical demonstration with live ammunition for the mobilization exercise for cadet officers.
THOSE involved in grassland management are invited to a practical demonstration event being held in Northumberland on Monday.
It's a very practical demonstration of our commitment to working with schools and teachers throughout the country to seek out academically talented students and encourage them to find out more about what's available to them.

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