practical joke

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Is Petruchio performing a practical joke or something else?
Asked by Paul Watson QC, defending, what he was doing leaving such an item on a bus Roddis said: "It was just a practical joke.
OFFICES are more like playgrounds over the festive season because most workers play practical jokes on their colleagues, according to a new report today.
uk - it's home to everything you need to play the perfect practical joke if you can't wait until April 1
A man who was stabbed by two teenagers in a suburban street was refused help by a passer-by who thought the victim was playing a practical joke.
Last year a practical joke on Grey had gone wrong and he was sent to the "dire regions," a place of horror, demons and torment.
Or will he forever be consigned to an obsessively ordered bachelorhood, convinced that romantic love is but a practical joke played on us by our wily hormones?
When will we realise that this bunch of aristocratic loafers is just a practical joke that has been played on us for centuries?
And 26pc of women say they have played a practical joke on their boss, compared with 19pc of men.
As if nature had conspired to play a practical joke, this splotchy blemish resembles a black eye floating in the planet's upper atmosphere.
It was a great practical joke because it showed they were treating me the same as anyone else.
Washington, Nov 28 (ANI): Actress Lindsay Lohan was appalled when some of the co-workers at the Los Angeles County played a practical joke on her.

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