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Rio's a real practical joker so Wayne knows anything could happen although Coleen's begged him not to get into any trouble.
But he can think again about a few quiet nights in - as party-loving practical joker Rio Ferdinand, 29, is in charge of organising the trip.
Mr Duffy, a keen fisherman and known practical joker, was shot several times.
He was a practical joker but also a hard worker and was training to be a bricklayer.
Unfortunately for Smart, Colclough, the consumate practical joker, had already switched his aftershave for water.
Sometimes he could be misconstrued as being a big kid, but he was a practical joker who would wind people up in a comical way.
The Welshman is the practical joker at the Hawthorns and the targetman revealed: 'He always plays silly little practical jokes in people's rooms when we're on away trips.
Among friends, Matthews has the reputation of being a practical joker.
For the naughty or not so nice, the family scrooge, the continual practical joker, that office grab-bag gift that has you stumped.
Her classmates, loyal Brenda (Gayheart), ambitious journalism major Paul (Leto), and school practical joker Damon (Jackson), insist the deaths are just coincidences.
James Bradley is a renowned practical joker and he told how the 12 other members of the Forward Emphasis International syndicate thought it was just a prank.

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