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GOING FOR SEAT: Jack Dromey BOTTOM LINE: Last year's winner, Rachel Stephens BACKING: A group of Westminster practical jokers are believed to be behind the move to vote feminist Harman Rear of the Year
Most practical jokers are not only devoid of any real sense of humour, they're also got an underlying streak of vindictiveness: they try to convince themselves that they're the Oscar Wilde de nos jours by contriving to make other people look, sound or feel stupid.
He claimed practical jokers had placed superglue on the seat before he sat down.
The Giants do have practical jokers in the shape of Mike Bales and Jason Ruff and Rod admits: "Some pretty funny things can happen, especially when you have guys like Killer (Todd Kelman) and Wardy (Colin Ward) on the bus.
SCOTT MacDougall is the latest in a long line of practical jokers to have fooled TV staff.
Smotherers: People who use ketchup like gravy are the life and soul of the party - noisy, brash, practical jokers who dislike snobs and don't worry what others think.
A WOMAN had to have her ear cut free from a public telephone after practical jokers smeared the handset with strong glue.
As you may have discovered to your cost, today is when practical jokers unleash their fertile imaginations.
DINERS who use ketchup like gravy are the life and soul of the party - noisy, brash, practical jokers.
A Family of practical jokers each think another is playing a prank when a ventriloquist's dummy comes to life.
He said:"Our family are great practical jokers and it's the sort of thing I'd do - so I took it in good part.

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