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But if children in their late teens were made aware of the many practicalities that are needed to bring up children with a minimum of friction, then it is also likely that those parents may well encourage their children from an early age to discover the benefits of being able to read and write.
The Contracting Authority intends to acquire expert consultation land / forestry, rural development and fisheries sector to the administrative practicalities services.
WHISPERING CRUISER "The Mercedes R-Class is a car for all seasons and all practicalities
Delegates later held a fiery debate over how to respond to the Government's "damaging" austerity measures and approved a motion calling for "far reaching campaigns, including the consideration and practicalities of a general strike."
There is nothing there that suggests the water will be supplied for nothing (the practicalities), and a very strong suggestion of a quid pro quo (the extension of the rail line to Scotland) being expected if it is to happen at all.
Christine Dempster, aged 64, of Selly Park South Neighbourhood Forum, said: "I want to know the practicalities of having a referendum."
FULHAM manager Chris Coleman was probably the happiest man in the J JB Stadium on Saturday as the practicalities of survival contrived a goalless draw of stultifying dullness.
According to the publisher, it has become increasingly difficult for professionals and graduate students to understand the essential theory and practicalities well enough to design their own algorithms and systems.
So, under the standard ideals and practicalities of human rights law, as well as under Humanist principles, there is no place for torture, secret prisons, or denial of due process--whether for the guilty or the innocent.
The limits of such testing seem clear, but so are the practicalities. Standard testing for adventitious agents is practicable and would provide important evidence for risk-benefit considerations if or when old vaccines are used in an emergency situation.
How do you publish construction details that appeal to critical practitioners, inexperienced students, a wide range of anoraks as well as designers who are simply above the tiring practicalities of when is a bridge cold?
To say that the practicalities of installing contemporary video art are notoriously problematic would be an understatement.