practice fraud

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Other more positive commentators however said that such characters who dress up as priests to practice fraud exists in real life ,and that it is something that the church warns about all the time.
Saudi Banks through its campaign that has began in major shopping mall, will focus on the most safe and optimum use of electronic banking channels, and will also address awareness messages directly to the various segments of the society regarding the negative phenomena and the banking behaviors that the fraudsters seek to exploit in order to practice fraud on customers.
And for good reason, according to a report from global anti-money laundering watchdog the Financial Action Task Force (FATF): the shifting and opaque trades of international securities markets do not just offer an excellent environment in which to practice fraud, they offer almost tailor-made systems in which to hide the proceeds.
"Fraud is not a regular occurrence, but it can happen and we recognize the need to practice fraud prevention among our members.

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