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Cross-sectional data on tooth status were transformed from individual patient files into practice profiles based on number of teeth.
Both carriers and intermediaries will want to understand today's IFP practice profile (e.
The survey procedures included the development of a 34-item questionnaire assessing three dimensions: socio-demographics and educational, practice profile, and level of satisfaction/desire to relocate.
Some differentiation between nurses was apparent, but we were unable to ascertain clearly particular nurse or practice characteristics associated with different practice profiles.
For companies with multiple business units, Shafer said, the Best Practice Profile ranks business units according to best practice use so the risk manager "can easily monitor their progress" Similarly, Shafer added, brokers and agents can rank their clients and then tailor services for those that need improvement.
A new online resource, the Practice Profile Database, lets providers access information about programs that have been working for their peers.
Content was arranged as follows: the demographic portrait (Part 1), clinical practice profile (Part 2), and NIC interventions (Part 3).
The combination of possible errors in claims-based performance measures can lead to sizable discrepancies between actual service delivery and practice profile rates.
Readership and Practice Profile of the ACNM: Findings of a Direct Mail Survey," Journal of Nurse-Midwifery, vol.
Moreover, physicians will get delivery of the latest daily medical news tailored to their specific practice profile.
Analyzing who they are, what services you perform for them, and - most importantly - how you acquired them will frequently give you a new understanding of your practice profile and marketing possibilities.
Allsbury et al[21] compared the patient profiles of 35 senior residents in six family medicine teaching sites during the academic year 1985-1986 with the practice profile of family physicians and general practitioners in the National Ambulatory Medical Care Survey (NAMCS) off 1980-1981.