practiced hand

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Or even if it had been dark a practiced hand would have felt by the rein that there was something wrong in the step, and they would have got down and picked out the stone.
Him also the crowd jeered, but he passed them by with indifference while he tried his bow with practiced hand.
Natty had seated himself on the ground, and having laid the grim head of his late ferocious enemy in his lap, was drawing his knife with a practiced hand around the ears, which he tore from the head of the beast in such a manner as to preserve their connection, when he answered;
During the brief respite while they were gathering their ammunition, Numa had settled himself to feed; but scarce had he arranged himself and his kill when a sharp piece of rock hurled by the practiced hand of the ape-man struck him upon the cheek.
He tried several, twisting and turning them with a practiced hand, and finally uttering an ejaculation of satisfaction.
The traveler, having packed his things with his practiced hands, began fastening his coat.
The same headlong eagerness to reach her end, which had hurried her into questioning Geoffrey before he left Windygates, now drove her, just as recklessly, into taking the management of Bishopriggs out of Sir Patrick's skilled and practiced hands.
Scarcely more than a hundred pages in length, the book is briskly authoritative thanks to Lamrani's scrupulous attention to primary sources--his is a practiced hand and the text free of editorializing.
Gamerro navigates extreme situations of war and and crime with a practiced hand and plenty of humor.
Castro's practiced hand easing from the surface a full-grained finish.
Perched on a rafter was a pile of hair, as if it had been placed there by a practiced hand.
Hand washing facilities were available at 75% places and 69% respondents practiced hand hygiene, but only 58.