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The vertebrate assemblage was most diverse in layer 12, containing well-preserved abundant plates of the psammosteids Psammolepis undulata (Agassiz), Psammolepis venyukovi Obruchev, Psammosteus livonicus Obruchev, Psammosteus praecursor Obruchev, antiarch Asterolepis radiata Rohon and arthrodire Eastmanosteus cf.
echinoid spines and test fragments (Cidaridae and others), asteroid ossicles, and the chondrichthyans Hexanchus agassizi, Macrorhizodus praecursor, Anomotodon sp.
Chordata Haeckel, 1874 Chondrichthyes Huxley, 1880 Hexanchus agassizi Cappetta, 1976 Macrorhizodus praecursor (Leriche, 1905) Woellsteinia kozlovi Adnet, 2006 Anomotodon sp.
Isurus praecursor is an uncommon element in the Hardie Mine l.
Fossils of the species Rhyniella praecursor have been found in lower Devonian strata (Hirst and Maulik, 1926; Scourfield, 1940; Whalley and Jarzembowski, 1981), whereas fossils of winged insects are known only from more recent strata (Bergstrom, 1979).
Contribution a l'etude de Rhyniella praecursor Hirst et Maulik 1926, Collembola fossile du Dbvonien.
praecursor Obruchev and Karelosteus weberi Obruchev, and micromeric elements of the 'progressive type', known in Psammosteus falcatus, P.
praecursor from this assemblage was previously misdiagnosed by V.
Berriasian freshwater association (in order of abundance): Theriosynoecum forbesii, Cypridea tumescens praecursor, Fabanella boloniensis, Rhinocypris jurassi ca, Scabriculocypris trapezoides, Mantelliana perlata, C.