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PRAEDIAL. That which arises immediately from the ground; as, grain of all sorts, hay, wood, fruits, herbs, and the like.

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Indeed, after an increase in the praedial wage after emancipation, the wage rate would collapse precipitously in 1858, and stay flat for the rest of the nineteenth century.
Perhaps, praedial larceny would come up on the test and he wanted to be sure he could define it.
Like most cultivators, Hemlyn had a bottomless hatred for thieves who committed praedial larceny.
Numerous cases having been submitted to me by apprenticed labourers, complaining of their employers having ordered them to do praedial work, to which many of them had never in their lives been subjected .
and working with the Registro Praedial for the registration of those
ii) develop and implement an environmental awareness and education programme which will contribute to improving and maintaining the environmental quality in the Praslin Watershed and reduce praedial larceny; (iii) improve the drying and bleaching process and reduce the impact of disasters in order to minimize loss and achieve consistent quality within six months of project commencement; (iv) reduce and minimize reliance on fossil fuel as a source of energy within six months of project commencement; (v) significantly upgrade the processing plant and diversify the product line in order to reach a wider market within one year of project commencement;
They were also more likely to be convicted of crimes against property, ranging from petty praedial and chattel larceny and less serious "offences against property other than praedial larceny" to more serious "malicious injuries to property" and breaches of the Masters and Servants Act.
violence; petty theft Economic hardship and praedial larceny; likely to lead to youth violence; child child desertion with Crisis centres and sexual abuse, male children more law enforcement abandonment; child likely to be agencies may regard sex work, etc.
I pondered about the legal term I heard one of the big boys in the village use, some kind of larceny, praedial larceny.
Catherine are proposing the use of modern technology to assist in the fight against praedial larceny.
In particular, the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA 2006), in a review of the Agricultural Incentive Program for Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries for Trinidad and Tobago, highlighted that the major constraining factors to the growth of the agricultural sector itself include the following: inadequate infrastructural base, poor access roads, inadequate water for agriculture, high cost of inputs, inadequate market facilities, inefficient market organization, praedial larceny, weak linkages between primary agriculture and agro-processing, pest and diseases, poor soil management practices and a weak farmers lobby.
This is as a result if setbacks occasioned by the impact of the disease on the industry, and the problem of praedial larceny, he stated.