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PRAEDIAL. That which arises immediately from the ground; as, grain of all sorts, hay, wood, fruits, herbs, and the like.

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Perhaps, praedial larceny would come up on the test and he wanted to be sure he could define it.
Like most cultivators, Hemlyn had a bottomless hatred for thieves who committed praedial larceny.
I pondered about the legal term I heard one of the big boys in the village use, some kind of larceny, praedial larceny.
Perhaps, praedial larceny would come tip on the test and I wanted to be sure I could define it.
Catherine are proposing the use of modern technology to assist in the fight against praedial larceny.
This is as a result if setbacks occasioned by the impact of the disease on the industry, and the problem of praedial larceny, he stated.
Clarke is urging farmers islandwide to assist the Ministry s efforts to combat praedial larceny by registering with the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and supporting measures implemented or being pursued to address this challenge.