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Enunciatio, propositio, and praedicatio are interchangeable terms in Aquinas's vocabulary, all of them signifying the combining of a predicate with a subject in a proposition.
E]x facti fine colligimus, quia prius soli Judaeae voluit, et postmodum cunctis gentibus praedicari, ut dum illa converti vocata renueret, praedicatores sancti ad vocationem gentium per ordinemvenirent, quatenus Redemptoris nostri praedicatio a propriis repulsa, gentiles populos quasi extraneos quaereret; et quod Judaeis .
sermo, praedicatio, homilia, oratio, contio, or even lectio.
24)), and as faith or preaching of the Cross ('fides vel praedicatio crucis, unde Apostolus: Absit mihi gloriari nisi in truce Domini' (Galatians vi.
The emphasis is slightly different in the lectures of 1535, however, generatio (procreation) is still defined as second only to the praedicatio nominis Dei (proclamation of the name of God), WA 42:87-89.
admonish the faithful to hold on to the traditions that they have learned whether through discourse or through letter" ("Itaque praedicatio apostolica, quae in inspiratis libris speciali modo exprimitur, continua successione usque ad consummationem temporum conservari debeat.
We are, however, arguing, first, building on the scholastic opinion of Peter Cantor cited in CSE, (10) that a relectio of the doubtful scriptural data on homosexual acts (currently under serious exegetical rereading) and an honest disputatio of equally doubtful theological points is necessary today before the Church can present any secure and convincing praedicatio about both the heterosexual and homosexual human person.
The Scholastic Master had three tasks: lectio or commentary on the Bible; disputatio or teaching by objection and response to a theme; praedicatio or theology and pastoral application.