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The movement for religious freedom in Holland was bolstered by French jurist Barbeyrac's translation into French of Noodt's 1706 Dissertatio and 1713 Praefatio to his Opera Omnia.
Una convinzione espressa nella bellissima Praefatio ad lectorem electum di The Spirit of Romance era che <<Tutte le eta sono contemporanee>>, e che <<Questo e specialmente vero per la letteratura>>.
A close reading of the praefatio of Daphnis and Chloe already provides some insights into the specific character of Longus' tale.
In connection with the forty-seven-verse praefatio to the Rajatarangini, Walter Slaje argues forcefully against judging medieval Indian texts by standards that are foreign to it, in casu post-modern theories for cross-cultural investigations: "the Rajatarangini is a kavya, in fact a rasa-kavya," and "pre-modern India had indeed seen the development of 'true' history writing" (pp.
Averrois Cordubensis commentum magnum super libro De celo et mundo Aristotelis: Praefatio, Liber I.
The phrase appears in Mabillon's general preface to the Patrologia Latina volume on Bernard: Mabillon, Bernardi opera, Praefatio generalis no.
Gall manuscript, including the Latin Praefatio, the canon tables, the chapter headings and the newly discovered stylus drawing of a scribe.
This use of initiation as a symbol for an exclusive source of knowledge, which is only available for those who deserve it, is also used by Gellius in his Praefatio (20 f.
Among specific topics are a glimpse of a classicizing Friar in John of Wales' Breviloquium de virtutibus, the Medieval unease with the stoic idea of virtue as an end in itself, humanism and religion in the works of Spinoza, Copernicus' Praefatio in libros revolutionum, and the theology of Melanchthon's Loci communes of 1521.
Presumably Scaliger is alluding to the proverb "Nihil graculo cum fidibus" (Ignorant people have nothing to do with poetry), which is quoted by Aulus Gellius, Noctes Atticae, praefatio 19.
Indeed, Descartes' use of materialiter tends at times to be ambiguous as in the Praefatio ad Lectorem of the Meditations (AT, 7.