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Claudia Quinta is distinguished from every other daughter of the Claudian house by the use of the adjective 'Quinta.' If Wiseman's theory is correct, the name is a generic praenomen among the Claudii daughters that migrated to the cognomen position and did not differentiate her from any member of her family in any generation.
Por ejemplo, el dictador Julio Cesar se llamaba en latin Gaius Julius C$sar, siendo Gaius su praenomen o nombre de pila; Julius, su nomen que indicaba su pertenencia a los Julia--una familia patricia--, y C$sar, su cognomen o apodo.
Para Kajanto (1977: 74) debio proceder, en su forma de Septimius, de un originario praenomen Septimus.
praenomen El nombre propio de persona que va antepuesto nomen gentilitium del cual casi solo se escribe la letra inicial en mayuscula sin punto: C = Caius, L = Lucius, M = Marcus, P = Publius, Q = Quintus.
Agamemnon's school programme is said to be for Greek boys, but it is really for Roman boys, and yet Agamemnon is himself Greek (he does not have a Roman praenomen any more than most of the characters), and he lectures in a Greek city (urbs Graeca), where Greek schoolboys would be the norm.
From the semi-legendary eighth-century Sholto Douglas, the Black Gray Man whose extraordinary praenomen passed down to the inventor of the Queensberry Rules, through to James, ninth Earl of Douglas (1426-88), last in the History,the Douglases were a remarkable family, and though Hume as a 'Pensioner and wassal' of the family may have occasionally had problems in making some of their actions respectable, let alone heroic, he can have had no difficulty in making them interesting.
The Senate instructs him to change his praenomen. This measure has interesting precedents.
The anomalous addresses of the De Legibus have been noticed by Adams, who comments, `It is however noticeable that Cicero refrains from putting his own praenomen into the mouths of the other interlocutors, no doubt because of the common delicacy which deters a man from mentioning his own most intimate name.
Then flow Dishonour and Distrust: My whole the short Praenomen gives Of maiden who serenely lives, Where now I her, with Gladness, greet, By rural GRASMERE'S calm Retreat; Whom Years have not despoil'd of Truth, Nor the Simplicity of Youth; Who, with Affections chaste and kind, Of Infants forms the tender Mind.
What one discovers, of course, is a usual combination of praenomen, nomen, and cognomen along with other possibilities.
As with the author of Revelation he put aside Julius Caesar who, though he claimed the praenomen Imperatoris, was a dictator rather than an Imperator in the later sense: beginning with Augustus he enumerated Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero; then as in Rev.
Caesar did not bother to give him a praenomen and nomen.