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The Mordvin infinitivus-nominativus (-mo, -me), infinitivus-illativus (-ms), infinitivus-ablativus (-modo), participium praesens passivum (-ma) and the type 1 gerund form (-msto, -mste) also contain this element.
Praesens adest in Missae Sacrificio cure in ministri persona, 'idem nunc offerens sacerdotum ministerio, qui seipsum tunc in cruce obtulit,' tum maxime sub speciebus eucharisticis.
Most translators tend towards an interpretation that makes Augustus Caesar the visible praesens deus, but strict attention to conventional rules of translation exposes the subtle twist to the line: the statues of Jupiter erected all over Rome clearly show him as god, whereas Augustus, here termed Caesar, (47) is merely deemed to be one - such belief is far from proof.
On Underlinings, Annotations and Other Marginal Notes, Praesens (Vienna), pp.
This means taking seriously and realistically assessing evil in all its horror as much as possible, not to allow ourselves to be possessed by it, but to learn how limited its power is, because another reality--God's just peace--is a permanent presence in the world, through the Christus praesens, the Holy Spirit.
Vorkommen, Funktion und Herkunfi beon/wesan + Partizip praesens.
And as with "The Mower Against Gardens," where he pushes the effect ever further--"Another world was searched, through oceans new, / To find the Marvel of Peru" (17-18)--in "Maniban" Marvell stretches effrontery on the rack of its briefer rebuke, as when the enormity of "Ingentemque uterum qua mole puerpera solvat" yields to the laconic "Vivit at in praesens maxima pars hominum" (35-6).
Codicis canones initas ab Apostolica Sede cum variis Nationibus conventiones nullatenus abrogant aut iis aliquid obrogant; eae idcirco perinde ac in praesens vigere pergent, contrariis huius Codicis praescriptis minime obstantibus.
The oral health was assessed using the decayed-missing-filled surfaces or teeth index (dmfs/dmft) for the primary dentition from the status praesens after treatment.
I remember clearly the superior, unsympathetic and aloof attitude of the Director towards the senior CASA delegates, the prepared responses (handed over in a folder by a praesens secretary) to the statements and arguments of the delegates, and the sense of futility in the exercise.
Praesentem praesens me quaero, o fata, sed absens / Absentem, mecum me sine, cur ego sum?
An Augustinian dialectic of distentio ("splay" of impressions, or "scapes") and praesens intentio (engaged uttering and instressing) combines with a Coleridgean model of "the mind .