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With the solicitor's letter in hand, Swan reminded Father Ambrose Raftis, PIMS Praeses, that for some years PIMS had not presented its operating budget to the Collegium for approval and admonished that if this omission were brought to the attention of the USMC auditor (as by implication he felt obliged to do), the auditor would likely have serious difficulty in certifying the USMC financial statements (40)
Serapia (XIX) faces violation by two lecherous young men because she refuses to renounce her faith and claims to be the temple of God ([section] 4 templum Dei) (94) If she is raped, the praeses reasons, she will no longer qualify as God's temple.
The church council took the affair seriously because the next day the praeses and scribe brought the "magic, fortune-telling and exorcism" of the woman to the attention of the magistrate.
Co-opted onto the City Council, his rise to the key post of Praeses amidst the tensions of seventeenth-century German secular and religious politics makes fascinating reading.
Thomasius, Praeses, Johann Heinrich de Kalm, Respondent) (n.
Constantinople] vir excelsus praefectus huius almae urbis tam observare quam vindicare, prout delicti tam iuvenum quam seriptorum qualitas exegerit, curae habebit: in Berytiensium autem civitate tam vir clarissimus praeses Poenicae maritimae quam beatissimus eiusdem civitatis episcopus et legum professores.
Colende praeses, membra precor tua molli quiescant cespite, et ex tuo crescant rosae, calthaeque busto, purpureoque hyacinthus ore.
s hand, into which has been inserted Aldrich's autograph copy of his Act Song Carminum praeses (ff.
21) ut peterent ut peterent Respondens autem Barabban, Iesum Barabban, Iesum vero praeses ait illis, vero perderent.
Si Praeses inhabilis prorsus evadet, Vicepraeses cunctis Praesidis juribus pollet; sin autem, eius jura et officia illa erunt quae Praeses, audito Senatu, disponet.