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It is possible just to read a play, but Vossius explicitly posits that drama can reach a far greater intensity and emotional force if it is put on stage: "Neque inficior drama, utcunque solum scribatur, repraesentare actionem humanam, sed aio id facere occultius et levius, manifestius vero et vehementius id dramaticam praestare actionem, quae turn pronunciatione idonea turn gestibus et habitu morum magnam in movendo vim habet" (2.
Speakers: Anders and Lars Bell, owners, Praestare Corp.
By its own metaphorical map, then, the discussion that occupies the De institutione traces a vivid inward movement, beginning in section 1 with the `formation of the outer man' (`ad componendum exterioris hominis') by a set of `basic practices' (`necessaria exercitia'),(29) advancing steadily to a concluding section which describes a `serenity of conscience' (`conscientiae serenitas') which is very precisely contrasted with `all the delights of this world' (`omnibus mundi huius praestare deliciis').
10) Noldin 399: "Puer ante usum rationis valide ordinatur: infans enim capax est illorum sacramentorum, quae non exigunt condicionem, quam ipse praestare nequeat, ut matrimonium, et quae non exigunt capacitatem peccati, ut poenitentia et extreme unctio; atqui ordo nullum actuary a suscipiente ponendum exigit.
Quamobrem, quod veritas praestare hoc sola minus posset, veritatem nune inumbrant ficris fabulosisque commenris, nunc ea comminiscunrur quae omnino abhorreant a vero atque a rerum natura.
If, then, you send me away without the hope of your love, you will drive me to an early death, after which none of your remedies will do any good, and so you may be called a homicide]; `Malo etenim ad vitae tibi conservanda gubernacula laborare quam mortis praestare causam vel homicidii incurrere crimen' [For I would rather exert myself to give you directions for keeping alive than offer you cause for death or incur the crime of homicide].