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Esta secao apresenta a historia da Empresa Praetorium, conforme documentos cedidos pelo empreendedor da empresa.
angenommenen Anderung des uberlieferten praetorem, sondern es kann unbedenklich in dem Sinne von praetorium oder pro praetore aufgefasst werden." Meusel (De Bello Civili 22, 30) had already made this argument, and pointed to BC 1.6.5--6 as a parallel: provinciae privatis decernuntur duae consulares, reliquae praetoriae, Scipioni obvenit Syria, L.
If this is, in fact, the correct assessmeat of the lexicographical background, the Old English translatioa ealdorman is indebted to the Isidoriaa praefectus equatioa, whereas dema/demere, which looks like a straightforward readering of praetor, has a more complicated prehistory and is probably a back-formatioa of praetorium ~judgemeat hall' and thus the result of a biblical detour via Jerusalem.
En el Derecho Romano, la jurisprudencia tiene otro significado muy diferente del actual, ya que sus maneras de expresion son tambien diferentes, aludiendo todas ellas a diversas formas de entenderla: Responsa Prudentium, Edictum Praetorium, los Rescriptos del Principe ...
Meanwhile, the Reverend David Pileggi told the publication that the findings confirm "that the trial took place near the Tower of David." At the same time, based on Gospels' description, some experts say that the trial took place in Pilate's "praetorium," or general's tent with a Roman encampment."
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It is important to note that the vote also informs that Justice Gilmar Mendes, in joint work with Ives Gandra, reported that until February 2008 were extinct by active illegitimacy of class one hundred fifty-four direct unconstitutionality actions, which reveals a mismatch between "the democratic aspirations of the Constitution and the rigor of the Exalted Praetorium".
Tambien puede valorarse la posibilidad de que las capitales conventuales contaran con instalaciones que sirvieran tanto para albergar al gobernador durante sus giras como a los representantes de las ciudades en sus concilia: de hecho, se ha sugerido, a partir de un epigrafe de Asturica Augusta dedicado por un legatus per Asturiam et Gallaeciam al Genius praetorii (33) la posibilidad de que la ciudad contara con un praetorium (34).
Part of a letter from the prefect's residence (praetorium) in the 90s mentions a man, Curtius Super, who calls his correspondent by his family name, Cassius, perhaps to save having to write out the unusually long name Saecularis.
Murcia, apuntan tambien a la posibilidad de ver en el un punto de salvaguarda de excedentes que, incluso, pudo haber desempenado una funcion similar a la de un praetorium, funcionando como lugar de residencia de posibles mandos militares durante el conflicto (Brotons, Murcia, 2008: 62; Morillo, 2003).
Two articles, "Archaeology and John's Gospel" by Urban Von Wahlde and "Aspects of Historicity in the Gospel of John" by Paul Anderson, note that although the Gospel of John is the latest of the four gospels and is profoundly theological, it contains a remarkable number of (apparently accurate) topographical references that are not found in the other Gospels, including the Pool of Siloam and the Pool of Bethesda, the Praetorium, and the Litostrotos.
(33) Yet unlike the large corpus of traditional iconography on the Flagellation (and its sub-themes), the figure of the bound Christ at the Column in the Metropolitan Museum drawing displays no running blood or wounds whatsoever, and is without the company (or symbols) of the torturing soldiers inside the Praetorium; the motif of the isolated bound Christ, as is seen here, would become more frequent in Spanish painting of the Counter Reformation, and later.