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To say that polder has an inherent pragmatism is to say that it has an inherent push or ideal effeminacy.
Following an introduction that succinctly develops the central premises of pragmatism and classical rhetoric, the first two case studies, on William James and John Dewey, aim to prove that rhetoric, although seldom mentioned by these thinkers, was actually central to their thinking about democracy.
The bad news, is that both his tribalism and pragmatism were counterproductive.
The claim that I want to defend in the following pages holds that James's pragmatism is actually far more central to Borges's work than is commonly accepted--not just in the prologue to Pragmatism or even in the one written for the translation of Varieties of Religious Experience as part of Borges's Biblioteca personal, but right from the earliest beginnings of his career as a writer and essayist.
But pragmatism was not, to begin with, a philosophy; it was what James called it: a method.
So where does all of this realism and pragmatism get us?
I want to respond to that neglect by arguing that pragmatism provides an equally essential context for the understanding of America's greatest modernist novelist, William Faulkner, by way of a consideration of his most pragmatic novel, The Hamlet.
The City Council will probably find, like the objectors to its own favoured Fourth Grace scheme, that without the muscle of its own resources their pleas will fall on deaf corporate ears and the art of the possible, the pragmatism, will have trams heading for Knowsley first.
For well over a decade, Posner has been the leading proponent of legal pragmatism.
Critique: Comprehensive, exceptional, insightful, detailed, impressively organized and presented, "Ambition, Pragmatism, and Party: A Political Biography of Gerald R.
Their writings examine the classical pragmatism of William James and John Dewey and show how their ideas on religion, faith, morals, values, and democracy are still relevant to deal with moral, social, and political problems.
She said: "The Luxembourg way of doing things is characterised by pragmatism, an ability to adapt, as well as a tremendous talent to build its part "Luxembourg shares the British pragmatism and the commitment to constant improvement.