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Pragmatist is a great example of how the cloud is transforming business practices across the world.
Pragmatists often fail because they try to apply economic remedies to noneconomic actors.
Several of the remaining essays discuss figures and themes from the pragmatist tradition.
An investor doesn't want to be throwing in more dollars earlier than anticipated, or losing money on a bad deal because the Pragmatists don't have the business pain you assumed they did when they invested.
For instance, in the work of the architects identified by the AR as Romantic Pragmatists (AR September 1983) who had created an impressive and considerable body of work that without compromise or kitsch drew simultaneously on both traditional architecture and the Modern Movement to create buildings catering for modern functions, while being more specific to place and environmentally aware than almost anything else produced in the '70s and '80s.
I've always been torn between my two "selves"--the artist and the pragmatist.
The pragmatist is typically intolerant of ambiguity, impatient with philosophical speculation and dismissive of refined historical and aesthetic sensibilities.
Yet, he was also a pragmatist who likened his work to that of a cook for a large family.
The secretary to the Supreme National Security Council, Hasan Rowhani, a Rafsanjani protege and a pragmatist, acknowledged this point recently: "By intervening in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Americans have become our neighbours.
Known as a pragmatist, he had the trust of Democratic members for working in a bipartisan, independent manner.
The learning style survey is based on the Honey and Mumford (1986) questionnaire that classifies learners in four types of categories: reflector, activist, pragmatist and theorist.