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His Majesty King Hamad last night praised Bahrain security forces for protecting national unity, enforcing the law and safeguarding the kingdom's achievements.
Lavrov praised Jumblatt and other Lebanese politicians for ending the presidential vacuum by electing President Michel Aoun in October 2016, and swiftly forming the Cabinet soon after.
The restaurant is praised for its tasty food, great presentation and good service and one reviewer even refers to it as the 'best Indian restaurant in the North East'.
Clan names of the chiefs or other dignitaries who are being praised are also quite important.
One third of the students were praised for their ability ("You must be talented In music"), a third were praised for their effort ("You must have focused hard on the strategies before you played them"), and the remaining control group received no feedback other than being told they had a very good score of 82.
Just think for a moment how you enjoy being praised. Well, for a child praise is 10 times as satisfying as it is for you and makes them believe they can complete tasks and achieve good results.
The children with low self-esteem who had been lavishly praised chose the easier pictures while those with high esteem opted for the more difficult ones.
As a reminder to the participants, signs were posted in several areas of the recreation center saying, "Have you praised your students lately?" and "Praise, it does a body good".
General verbal praise included statements indicating approval of behavior, over and above an evaluation of adequacy, that did not identify the praised behavior.
May your name be blessed, praised, glorified, exalted, extolled, hallowed, mighty, upraised and lauded."
Children adore being praised and recognised for their achievements and it is a powerful tool to help encourage positive behaviour.
Walking dead, I am Nobody's hunter, But I will be food, And hope to be praised By bacteria, And honored by flies, Beetles, wasps, and mites.