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In addition to some praiseful remarks from animal welfare organizations, we also received some surprisingly critical comments from groups working on agricultural issues.
Despite its own praiseful rhetoric as "valuable centers of education" and "places saving the lives of Native children, the reality of these institutions was a total opposite: "Overcrowding in the schools, lax administration, budget shortfalls, and poor hygiene and diet meant that children by 1907 died in astonishing numbers" particularly of tuberculosis.
Ask anyone in Dayton, Ohio, or anyone in Ohio for that matter, if they have ever heard of Killer Brownies and more likely than not they will react in a manner that might best be described as a swoon, and then utter praiseful sentiments about Dorothy Lane Market, an upscale grocery in the Dayton area, with two stores and a third one on the way.
Florence even received her own praiseful editorial, "Mrs.
He was at his friendliest when showing me off to his cronies, when he chose to be praiseful of my achievements as a writer.
Allen was finally able to persuade Duncan of his seriousness of purpose, however, and on October 29, 1959, Duncan wrote him an apologetic and praiseful letter saying that "I would certainly feel `left out' if I were not in the ranks.
Though praiseful of Rawls's efforts, particularly the attempt to transcend the emptiness of neutrality, Thiemann nevertheless finds Rawls's model of public life insufficient.