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OKARA -- The PML-N government took praiseworthy measures to avoid Pakistan's placement on the watch list of Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
However, as praiseworthy and important it is to impose a ban to put a stop to the growing garbage problem of the city, it is equally important to ensure its implementation.
ISLAMABAD:State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb has said that members of the Christian community were proud and praiseworthy citizens of Pakistan.
the completion of projects and under his praiseworthy
The German Ambassador said Shehbaz Sharif took a personal interest in the completion of various progressive projects and, under his praiseworthy leadership, Punjab had notably advanced.
The chief minister said he salutes doctors and surgeons who quit their jobs abroad to join this institute and their return to the motherland to serve their fellow countrymen is a praiseworthy step.
In this context, OMiK activities providing support to the process of holding Serbia's presidential election in Kosovo and Metohija, held on 2 April 2017, were assessed as praiseworthy.
To win an Olympic medal is the dream of all athletes, so for Piotr to win one and then sell it to benefit the health of this young child is immensely praiseworthy.
It's all very laudable to help others, and something that I think is praiseworthy, but I also think we should look after our own people, before those from other countries.
What's especially praiseworthy is that it has done this despite a plot twist that no one foresaw back in 2005 - a deep recession and a relentless squeezing of funds for arts projects.
The former Rajya Sabha MP also added that Anna Hazare's praise for Narendra Modi was justified if the anti-corrution crusader likes the Prime Minister but otherwise till now the PM has done nothing praiseworthy.
It is indeed praiseworthy that five of the 8 who appeared for the exam bagged an A grade in English, Science, Math, Social Science, French, Malayalam and Hindi.