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a prankish animator toys with Daffy Duck's backgrounds, audio, costumes and even body parts to the point of exasperation.
In forgiving her brother's prankish ways, in spite of her displeasure with him, Kitty serves as an example for him.
Some of the prankish experiments Wu Hung records display the same naughtiness common among undergraduate art projects in the United States.
I think there must have been a bomb inside the mall, a small bomb, a prankish bomb of noise and smoke, a Valentine from the protesters in Genoa, nothing more.
We also see our prankish painters soft-petaling the mystery bit and just having fun, reminding us that buds don't burst into bloom on their own.
In this period, I've become rather ambivalent to viruses, Trojan horses, hacking, and worms as stupid prankish efforts of malicious individuals who had no real lives.
In the university library, where she took a clerical job, her prankish sensibility and irreverence for hierarchy kept her and her co-workers sane (among other things, she once set a page of the departmental procedural manual to Anglican chant for an office party).
It was a bid to keep the feckless youngster out of trouble - and stop him staging prankish break-ins with his gang.
If this is not fumisterie, I don't know what is: not only writing the poem to a cheaply prankish title, but also erecting a whole ars poetica on this campy procedure.
6) Such romantic optimism about the transcending of human limits dates from this period, and The Supermale is a whimsical and prankish literary monument to its prestige.