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The term 'a pained friend' became a synonym for a whipping boy and my prankster mate, Barney, reckons he's become my whipping boy, given all the columns I've written about him, telling readers about his prankishness. One day, he tells me, he knows he'll be rewarded.
'You could put the first fire down to prankishness but this time it appears vandals have broken in just to set fire to something.
(8) On The Green Lamp and Rodzianko's role in the group, as well as an exhaustive bibliography of Green Lamp materials and studies, see Joseph Peschio, "Prankishness in Golden Age Literature and Culture" (Ph.D.
Born in 1943 in Oxfordshire, Victor Anthony Stanshall's love of traditional jazz and art school prankishness paved the way for one of the most original pop acts of the 1960s.
MacKay argues that Ritchie's writing manifests a "prankishness" (espieglerie in French), through which it downplays its own importance and masks dissident ideology in seemingly trivial women's stories (60).
But their ludic, parodic prankishness lightens the mood of the mentor-disciple confrontation, thus in part Bakhtinizing Bloom.
Breuer's narrative voice switches from amusing prankishness to the abject idealism of Rose at her master's feet to a simmering desperation about the market forces facing artists today.
Add a Louise Brooks haircut, the biggest eyes this side of cartoonland and a sense of prankishness borrowed from the Eloise books.
He used his demonic connections to amuse himself by playing trivial tricks, but all of this playful, even childish prankishness seemed only to endear him to his followers.
With Breaking the Waves, the visuals were deemphasized and the story line forefronted, but the director's moody prankishness remained in full operation.