pray for

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When they prayed for those who hate us, she tried to think of her enemies and people who hated her, in order to pray for them.
But she could not pray that her enemies might be trampled under foot when but a few minutes before she had been wishing she had more of them that she might pray for them.
When Father Sergius assured her that only God could heal the sick, she replied that she only wanted him to lay his hands on the boy and pray for him.
Ay, pray for me, pray for me; and what noise soever
Part of the Church's teachings, when you pray for the dead and go to the cemetery, you actually gain indulgence.
The prayer is very short, but it contains all what we need to know how to pray and what to pray for.
Then we pray for all our family members and anyone rise who needs our prayers.
I pray for the man who wears a white sheet, and the man who sells
In addition, objective observers found that those who engaged in partner-focused prayer exhibited more positive behaviour towards their partners compared to those who did not pray for their partner.
I am curious to know what type of people decide to go out in the rain to pray for something they will almost certainly not see in their lifetimes.
Please pray for the government of Canada, the global economy, for people who are suffering in the current economic crisis, and the soldiers who defend freedom around the world.
Pray for me, Father, for my tax dollars set a banquet for Death