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Astrid Lobo Gajiwala, a full-time medical scientist in Mumbai, India, is active with her church and has preached numerous times on request.
I preached my first sermon on Palm Sunday, 40 years ago.
This leads to the word being preached. When the word is heard and believed, people experience an interior resurrection.
Yet this does not change the importance of the question: "How shall the gospel be preached?" This book offers a comprehensive look at preaching which would fit well academically with a two-year seminary curriculum and with synodical and judicatory lay preaching instruction programs.
Sometimes an essay made me feel like I was taking homiletics 101, with lecture notes reformatted with the ending, "and, oh yeah, Taylor preached like this." Sometimes an author complained about pet peeves in modern preaching, and postmodernism was definitely a popular whipping boy.
They preached mainly morality in the vernacular using proverbs and folk tales--a comparison of these sermons with those of the Christian friars, or the preaching of the Islamic wa'iz or qass could illuminate the extent and nature of differences and similarities in the cultures, the subject matter of their sermons, and their pastoral concerns.
Although he looks at Billy Graham, Edwards is not entirely sure what to do with him except marvel at the fact that he preached to millions of people.
Jesus preached through metaphor, image, suggestion, inference.
Rather, they have always preached and have never ceased laying their claim to do so.
Nonetheless, I think that Thayer's attempt in the concluding contribution to correlate how the sacrament of Penance was preached in the late Middle Ages with where the Reformation took hold and where it did not deserves special mention.
At the same time, in England, Canon (later Bishop) John Austin Baker, then Chaplain to the Speaker of the House of Commons, preached a sermon in Westminster Abbey in which he expressed his shame at what England had done to Ireland over the centuries.
I concluded--despite what was being preached from the conservative, rural white pulpits Like mine and what was presumed unimpeachable at my family's kitchen table--that Jesus, and most of his disciples, would have been right out there on Highway 11 with Robert Gore, Sam Shirah, Richard Haley, Winston Lockett and the rest of them, though they would probably not have been as well-behaved as they, nor as well groomed.