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He may be preaching to the converted with jokes about being forced round Ikea on a Saturday afternoon or the constant nagging from his wife but the material seems a little mundane and his stereotypes of teenagers (they're smelly and lazy) and regional audiences (they have a narrow gene pool) are hardly original.
Facebook groups and fan pages are all fine if you want to reach out to people who have linked to them, but that usually means you're preaching to the converted and, unless you can do something really special, they won't attract new customers.
Raising these topics just at the conference would amount to preaching to the converted, Anderson added.
I've never felt I've been doing anything other than preaching to the converted when I came in the bidding process.
But not half so concerning as the possibility that all they are doing is preaching to the converted.
But Falco was preaching to the converted because the REGI committee also supports the project and has already acquired the support of MEPs.
But in breaking down what he once called ''the psychological barrier that religion and politics don't mix,'' Falwell was preaching to the converted.
Q: With the movie and the slide show, are you just preaching to the converted or have you been able to actually win a few people over to your side?
Atanarjuat (The Fast Runner) has the impact of pure moviemaking that has nothing to do with either self-righteous preaching to the converted or celebrity-crazed hype.
48), Cryle is probably preaching to the converted if his intended readership is his fellow scholars, and indeed, this study does appear to be aimed less at the uninitiated than at a critical community that can be assumed to have read Foucault and broadly accepted his theories of discourse.
It's basically an argument for capitalism but more than likely the only readers will be capitalists themselves so it's really a case of preaching to the converted.
I'm preaching to the converted, but I do also have a huge number of secular readers who happen to think I'm completely insane.