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Terms of the prearranged restructuring agreement will become effective when the company's reorganisation plan is confirmed by the Court and the Chapter 11 case is concluded.
To implement the terms of the prearranged restructuring expeditiously, Hawker Beechcraft and certain of its subsidiaries today filed voluntary petitions under Chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the U.
The company expects to complete its prearranged restructuring in the near term.
businesses as part of a prearranged plan with lenders to cut debt by 75 percent.
in a series of more than 20 concerts prearranged by the Chopin Foundation.
A sack of post was taken from a prearranged drop-off point in Sherbourne Crescent, Coundon, Coventry, on April 26.
Sunset Hills Memorial Gardens in Eugene will pay a $2,000 fee to the state and lose its certification to sell prearranged funeral and burial services under a settlement announced Monday, according to the Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services.
At about the same time that she was mulling over a prearranged funeral, she was searching for something meaningful to do.
The Service has indicated its intent to deny exclusions for gifts to holders of Crummey withdrawal powers when (1) the powerholders have no beneficial interest in the trust other than their withdrawal powers; (2) the powerholders hold only contingent remainder interests or discretionary income interests; or (3) the facts and circumstances indicate a prearranged understanding that the powerholder will not exercise his or her withdrawal power.
That is to say, he strongly opposes direct, intensive, systematic, early, and comprehensive (DISEC) instruction of a prearranged hierarchy of reading skills and knowledge.
Planned parenthood, prenuptials, prearranged funerals--always this hopeful notion that we might prefeel the feelings--the untidy, potentially embarrassing dynamics of birth and love and death and grief; the blubbering and baby talk, the sense that these unpredictable, existential events might be turned into manageable retail experiences with numbers and prices that always add up.
A prearranged MOU might allow the nursing home to house burn victims for a few hours in the facility while emergency medical personnel from a nearby hospital perform triage; in exchange, the nursing home would ask the hospital to provide similar coverage if disaster made it necessary to evacuate the SNF.