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In his remarks at the opening Monday in Tunis of the 50th Conference of the Habitat and Francophonie Network (RHF), the minister said this event is an opportunity to examine suitable paths to get out of precarious housing, in particular after the United Nations Conference on Housing and Sustainable Urban Development held in October 2016 in Quito, Japan.
After the 2008 global financial crisis, this expansion was concomitant with higher unemployment and more precarious employment across Canada, leading to pressure on the federal government when the media reported that employers were hiring migrant workers over job-seeking Canadians.
In view of the precarious security situation in South Sudan that could pose serious risks to foreigners, all Pakistani nationals are advised to avoid unnecessary travel to South Sudan," a Foreign Office statement said.
He added the Government must take "urgent steps to tackle bogus self-employment and precarious work and bring these frankly perverse abuses to an end".
The delay in, or even the obstruction of, solving the non-performing loans problem prolongs Cyprus's precarious situation," the council said, adding that there is a need to focus on crucial issues to help avoid additional challenges.
Then there was a panel with Laurell Ritchie, Deena Ladd, Leah Vosko and Mary Gellatly, dealing with precarious work.
The Law Commission of Ontario defines vulnerable workers as "those engaged in precarious work".
Frances O'Grady, TUC general secretary, said, "The growth of zero-hours contracts, along with other forms of precarious employment, is one of the main reasons why working people have seen their living standards worsen significantly in recent years.
Richard Gilman-Opalsky, Precarious Communism: Manifest Mutations, Manifesto Detourned
This novel identity or, better, the presence of place, I wish to describe and understand as a precarious presence, as an "unsecured" state involving a constant oscillation between ascriptions and identities that are too difficult to come to terms with.
Summary: Four people were wounded over the weekend in separate incidents in the southern city of Sidon and the northern city of Tripoli, where the security situation remains precarious after recent clashes.