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Flynn probably didn't bring a brolly but he could have done with one as Robbo jokingly chucked a rolled up ball of paper at his old boss and dangled a drink precariously over his head.
Before Hurricane Katrina, it was no secret that New Orleans's good-time reputation was part of what drew students to this precariously situated college town: You could get a quality education and stilt let the good times roll.
These passages teeter precariously between artistic brilliance and obviousness.
Medieval casas colgadas (literally 'hanging houses') cling precariously to cliff faces and the local monastery of San Pablo appears as a geological outcrop, its stone walls melding with the rocky terrain.
Precariously perched almost 100ft above the Tyne, these youngsters risk their lives for kicks.
For those familiar with avantgarde film, Mekas needs need no introduction: He is the indispensable archivist, curator, fund-raiser, and proselytizer for a genre of moving-image work that is precariously poised between the art world and the art film.
At any given time 10,000 cows were grazing in the area, trampling the river's banks and causing it to widen out and become precariously shallow.
An image of trembling fragility on the verge of collapse as Conway and Credell rearranged her arm positions and manipulated her legs through limping walks, she emerged triumphant, still precariously balanced but with exceptional dignity, her tensile strength intact.
I won't bother telling him what we Flat trainers think of people who hurl themselves at huge obstacles while perched precariously on the back of half a tonne of horse - as our picture of the great man above in action on Beau at Cheltenham last year perfectly illustrates
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions in Baltimore have performed 17 retinal repositioning operations on people with scarring precariously close to the center of the macula.
Tottering precariously on the edge of losing their identity to common usage, and shifting from proper nouns to common nouns, are Clorox, Day Glo, Formica, Tabasco and Frigidaire; who are close to joining lanolin, dry ice, linoleum and escalator products whose identities degenerated from proud trademarks to common nouns used to describe a host of like products.
Small companies drive MAb technology development, but most survive precariously on license and royalty income from the big pharma/big biotech companies that dominate MAb commercialization.