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As the leading recipients of foreign military hardware per capita, Middle Eastern states should act cautiously or risk exacerbating existing conflicts and the inherent precariousness of their governments, potentially leading to the proliferation of heavy weaponry among militant groups.
Precariousness, relational autonomy, work, gender, millennial generation, Canada
Here we take up the notion of solidarity, central to understanding this initial period, and then go on to discuss Judith Butler's concept of the precariousness of life.
Facing a constant string of adversity, as well as a prevailing nonetheless, Aganetha maintains an ability to take joy in the precariousness of life that makes this fictionalized memoir compelling.
Featuring works by sixty artists from twenty-eight countries, this show homes in on the ways in which modernism's specter haunts the uncertainties that underlie discourses of postcolonialism and immigration, environmental degradation, and economic precariousness.
Much of the information provides glimpses into the precariousness of life before and during the war.
Stevie THE situation in Ukraine highlights the precariousness of world peace.
The Program is also designed to curb poverty and precariousness and to promote the rights of aged women and the handicapped as well as to provide equitable access to decision-making position and to ensure equal rights in the job market.
When cops led by police inspector Frederico (Selton Mello) descend on the site, promising a handsome reward for the wallet, the boys realise the precariousness of their situation.
It also highlights the employment struggles across the region, insisting that labour markets in each of the six countries need to be reformed: "It will only be reform that makes it possible to eliminate barriers to employment, the rate of unemployment and the precariousness of working conditions, and to offer appropriate jobs to the region's many qualified, graduate workers," it said.
Most people in most countries are doing better than ever before due to advances in education, technology and incomes, the report said, noting a widespread sense of precariousness in the world today in livelihoods, the environment, personal security and politics.
Despite the precariousness of their situation, Jesus insisted that they have courage.