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Middle Eastern nations should act cautiously or risk exacerbating existing conflicts and the inherent precariousness of their governments, potentially leading to the proliferation of heavy weaponry amongst militant groups.
The term "working poor" only refers to the income element of precariousness. According to the European Parliament, three main characteristics make up precariousness:
Immaterial Labour, Precariousness and Cultural Work") have differentiated precariousness from precarity, reserving precariousness for "all forms of insecure, contingent, flexible work--from illegalized, casualized and temporary employment, to homeworking, piecework and freelancing" and precarity for "the multiplication of precarious, unstable, insecure forms of living and, simultaneously, new forms of political struggle and solidarity that reach beyond the traditional models of the political party or trade union." Another strand of thinking about precariousness comes from the philosophical work of Judith Butler, who seeks to ontologize precarity for all life-forms, and specifically for humans, who come into the world and stay in the world vulnerable and reliant on others.
It also highlights the precariousness of journalists, the increase in collective redundancies, the lack of social security coverage, the delay or non-payment of wages, and the marginalisation suffered by the regional correspondents.
Using work narratives of insecurity, I argue that one potential consequence of understanding precariousness is the recognition of our social selves, using millennial women's stories of mutual reliance and connection with parents, partners and friends to contrast assumptions of the individualizing, neoliberal, Gen Y worker.
Light explains that the book "shows how Jewish southerners responded to the precariousness of their lives by instituting a sophisticated network of social uplift organizations" (3).
Here we take up the notion of solidarity, central to understanding this initial period, and then go on to discuss Judith Butler's concept of the precariousness of life.
The Program is also designed to curb poverty and precariousness and to promote the rights of aged women and the handicapped as well as to provide equitable access to decision-making position and to ensure equal rights in the job market.
Despite the precariousness of their situation, Jesus insisted that they have courage.
On the other hand, Aoun hoped that the security precariousness, which President Michel Sleiman had talked about, would not be premeditated.
It should be stressed that precariousness does not only describe the presence of the (anti-)community on stage but also affects the presence of the audience which oscillates between various identities, such as those of the spectator/gaze subject and actor/gaze object.
Butler seeks to foreground the precariousness of intersubjective life, open such conditions of precariousness to democratic public engagement, and so engender a reflexive approach to society's obligations to life and subjects' ability to live a socially viable life.