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Precautionary balances, comprising the Funds general and special reserves and the Special Contingent Account (SCA-1), are one element of the IMFs multi-layered framework for managing financial risks.
Rajouri (Jammu and Kashmir) [India], Feb 5 ( ANI ): Following the ceasefire violation in Jammu and Kashmir's Rajouri, all schools in the district have been closed as a precautionary measure.
He said, 'Today, we should reiterate our commitment that an organized awareness campaign will be launched to aware the people about the precautionary measures needed for saving them from this diseases.
The video includes precautionary guidelines that can be implemented to protect different buildings, properties and homes prior to rain and other important procedures to be followed during rainfall to avoid damage caused by accumulated water in some places.
Because the global environmental legislation has been developed, one of the most widely adopted concept was the precautionary principle.
While addressing the briefing on Monsoon weather, Umer Mehmood Hayat said, 'we have revived the precautionary measure plan according to the new Monsoon weather condition'.
In a revision of her 2015 PhD dissertation at the University of New South Wales, Jaeckel discusses deep seabed mining and the marine environment, the precautionary principle in international law, the International Seabed Authority and the seabed mining regime, the environmental mandate of the International Seabed Authority, developing the International Seabed Authority's environmental mandate through the mining code, implementing the precautionary principle: protective measures, implementing the precautionary principle: procedural elements, and implementing the precautionary principle: institutional aspects.
Keywords: environmental principles, precautionary principle, risk management, pre-damage control, post-damage control, liability
no fire) may not warrant a precautionary landing in bad weather when good weather is ahead.
According to local media reports; Pakistan all-rounder and former captain Shahid Afridi underwent precautionary MRI scans in Lahore after feeling pain in his knee.
SC spokesperson Theodore Te said a high court resolution ordered the issuance of a summons to Robredo 'and [to] grant the prayer of the protestant for a precautionary protection order pursuant to Rule 36 of the 2010 Rules of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal.
The level of the precautionary measures in force has been raised in a bid to limit the spread of Crimean hemorrhagic fever and contain it at various levels.