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Cathay Pacific Director Service Delivery James Ginns said: "Safety is always our top priority at Cathay Pacific and the Captain of CX884 made exactly the right decision to divert the flight as a precautionary measure.
He said the 2010 flash floods caused so much devastation in the area, therefore the Pak Army and the Civil Administration have already taken precautionary measures including educating the masses before the monsoon season.
Junaid was feeling dizzy after he came to the dressing room and we have taken him to hospital for precautionary check-up,\" Pakistan team manager Moin Khan told reporters.
Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is being administered precautionary measures in parks, bus stops, hotels, restaurants, petrol pumps and graveyards during Anti dengue campaign.
In this book, the author proposes a precautionary approach to intellectual property to enhance access to medicines in a public health emergency.
Security personnel on Wednesday intensified checking of vehicles and removed black film from car windows as part of the precautionary measures.
Precautionary balances are one element of IMF s multi-layered framework for managing financial risks.
Under the precautionary principle, proponents of change must prove that new technologies will never cause harm.
A precautionary credit line 'has been talked about' although Ireland does have a funding cushion of about 15 months, said Ligi.
The International Monetary Fund reaffirmed Morocco's continued qualification to access to a two-year Precautionary Liquid Line resources, of about US$ 6.
This article will attempt to explain that precautionary assets should not be identified with inventories or working capital.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Since the Law on the Protection of the Family and the Prevention of Violence Against Women was introduced in March, 34,258 precautionary and protective court orders have been issued.