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Manama-Aug31(BNA)The Foreign Ministry has today advised Bahrainis in the Philippines and nearby areas to be precautious and keep off quake-struck areas, amid fears of tsunami in South East Asian countries as tidal waves are expected to hit the coasts of the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, New Papua Guinea and other islands in the Pacific Ocean, including US Hawaii.
But just to be precautious about the situation, I wear it.
He called on Palestinians to take precautious measures from the attacks.
Asked about recent measures taken by Central Bank aimed to curb volatility in foreign currency rates, Simsek welcomed Central Bank's move, saying it should be considered as proactive efforts of policy makers to bring stability into money market and take a precautious stance against concerns over global growth.
The skies of Nasiriya witness every day American helicopters flying overhead as precautious measures to prevent rocket attacks against the American military base.
Khartoum, April 12(SUNA)- The Ministry of National Defense , Gen Abdul Rahim Mohamed Hussein, has revealed that precautious military procedures and measures have been adopted to deal with any hostile acts against Sudan, while the National Assembly called on the concerned military and security bodies to step up measures for defending Sudan's coastal area, on the Red SeaResponding to an urgent question by the National Assembly, on the Israeli air aggression on Port Sudan, the Minister of Defense, Gen.
Some dealers who were more precautious (17%) preferred to wait for some time before adopting it (late majority).
Obama said: " I do not recommend that people in the United States take precautious measure beyond staying informed.
It strongly asked all concerned institutions linked to education and securing education to shoulder their responsibilities to protect the education process against any attacks or practices affecting education and to take precautious actions against perpetrators to refer them to justice.
Talking to media here on Tuesday, he said that Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif used to sack the administration, wherever he visited adding that despite warning of floods in June, Punjab Government didnt initiate any precautious measure to rescue the possibly affected people.
The traveller must also be aware of other precautious procedure including the closure of gas cylinders, and removing the combustible materials.
Being generally precautious would lead to fear of both types of harms which in turn would lead to a policy stalemate.