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Let's be more precautious," the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology (DHM) tweeted Saturday morning.
Their arguments involve implicitly the notion of the society being confronted with greater dangers due to the highly precautious regulations than due to the risks whose effect on human health and on environment is not fully understood nowadays.
Pesticides are toxic chemicals and their use must be precautious.
Yen and Lee (2008) argue that once necessary reservations and precautious interpretations are taken into consideration, the EMH will continue to play an important role in modern finance for years to come.
Justice, Human Rights and Eugenics: The More Precautious Approach of the
On this Additional Attorney General informed the court that the government is taking measures and precautious steps regarding pneumonia and hepatitis, maintaining that licences have been issued to 11 companies for production of medicines in this regard.
Power said Washington supports the UN Security Council's call "for all sides in the conflict in Yemen to comply with international law and take all feasible precautious to minimize harm to civilians and civilian objects.
However a valid and standard approach has not been developed yet and precautious measures are taken in the application of these models.
So, in the coming debriefing lesson, he might have less reflection on the deconstruction, as well as precautious and remedial strategies related to this catastrophe.
Such temperature conditions contribute to heat stress incidence whose effects may be deleterious if precautious measures are not undertaken.
This overly precautious position is often justified by the right to implement the precautionary approach endorsed by the Cartagena Protocol which is claimed by some of the officials as entitling the country not to adopt GE technology unless it is proven safe beforehand.