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Racing Extinction," preceded by Lights Camera Passion Award to Louie Psihoyos.
Holmes," preceded by Shining Star Award to Adam Driver.
Michael Carroll argues that virtually all those who have discussed the devotional revolution have mistakenly supposed that the popular devotions which preceded it were a Celtic inheritance from pre-Christian Ireland.
6513(b)(1) and (2) unequivocally provide that Baral paid the pre-assessment remittances on April 15, 1989 (the due date of the 1988 return), so they preceded the look-back period of Sec.
Volunteers without schizophrenia named the color of a patch most slowly when it preceded a clashing word by 100 milliseconds; color naming was delayed least when a clashing word preceded the patch by 200 milliseconds.
The American Heritage Book of English Usage (Houghton Mifflin, 1996) opines, "Some people insist that when a gerund is preceded by a noun or pronoun, the noun or pronoun must be in the possessive case.
We have only two choices, just as we have only two choices to explain man's presence on earth: either matter preceded data and primeval sludge turned into capable human beings, or the great intelligence in the sky said, "Let there be man.
To date, the best response to sapacitabine was reduction in bone marrow blast counts to 5% or less, which was observed in seven patients (three with AML de novo, two with AML preceded by MDS, and two with MDS-RAEB).
9 earthquake this April was preceded by a magnitude 6 jolt in the same location eight months earlier.
I propose that the performance of every conscious voluntary act is preceded by special unconscious cerebral processes that begin about one-half second or so before the act.