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An order, writ, warrant, or process. An order or direction, emanating from authority, to an officer or body of officers, commanding that officer or those officers to do some act within the scope of their powers. Rule imposing a standard of conduct or action.

In English Law, the direction issued by a sheriff to the proper returning officers of cities and boroughs within his jurisdiction for the election of members to serve in parliament.

In old French law, a kind of letters issued by the king in subversion of the laws, being orders to the judges to do or tolerate things contrary to law.


noun axiom, canon, charge, code, command, commandment, decree, dictate, direction, doctrine, dogma, edict, fiat, guide, injunction, instruction, law, legal order, mandate, order, ordinance, praeceptum, prescript, principle, regulation, requirement, rubric, rule, statute, teaching, tenet, warrant, writ
Associated concepts: legal precept
See also: act, authority, belief, brevet, canon, charge, citation, code, codification, command, constitution, dictate, direction, directive, doctrine, documentation, dogma, edict, enactment, guidance, holding, injunction, instruction, law, mandate, maxim, order, precedent, prescription, principle, recommendation, regulation, rubric, rule, technicality, writ

PRECEPT. A writ directed to the sheriff or other officer, commanding him to do something. The term is derived from the operative praecipimus, we command.

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It also says that some of the money the precept would have raised for public transport schemes will be provided by local councils, who will give the mayor's office an extra PS572,000 between them.
It means the precept planned for the 2018-19 financial year, which begins in April, will now be delayed until 12 months later.
The Government has given councils permission to increase council tax bills by almost six per cent this year, including the social care precept.
The report can include recommendations on the level of the precept.
Mr Burnham's office and the 10 Greater Manchester leaders have been discussing plans for the region's police and fire precepts since last year, as well as the new mayoral charge.
The Government requires that the five Metro Mayors set out whether they will propose a precept for the 2018-19 financial year.
precepts also included a pledge to contribute to the financial support of one's pastor--which has since been replaced by the echo-precept to keep the holy days.
Precept 13 of the actuaries' code provides additional guidance for determining what to do in this situation.
West Yorkshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson said the police precept increase will mean the recruitment of 82 more police officers.
South Wales remains the best value for money in terms of the cost to council tax payers in Wales and it has been recognised by ministers that police forces funded by higher levels of grant and lower levels of precept are more vulnerable to the impact of such drastic cuts.
The police precept is paid by households as part of their council tax bill.