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The experiments-based integrated six-unit course was offered as a preceptorial course, with two sections available.
What did that professor provide through the preceptorial advice that helped us make the decision for the academic major?
In addition, the discussion groups at Jerusalem were designed to apply the theories in specific historical and contemporary case studies, therefore bridging the gap between theory and history, instead of discussing the material from the lectures and the readings as in the preceptorial discussions at Princeton.
The residency was a good time, part preceptorial, part academic, a time of shaping the future.
Combined with the influence of German university experiences, Rhodes Scholarships became the source of a new "class system" in American higher education, assigning honors based on some combination of tutorial or preceptorial instruction and performance on examinations.
840 con fundamento en el modelo de la formacion preceptorial propio de las ocupaciones no universitarias, en el que el aprendiz observa, ensaya y repite lo que el "maestro" hace y dice, sin cuestionar mucho ni la tecnologia ni sus fundamentos.