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An ODP preceptorship programme would include all of the elements of the existing mentorship programme, but in addition would provide a programme of CPD including action plans, regular meetings, feedback and evaluation sessions.
Institutions that permit preceptorships but require written agreements and controls have the problem solved.
One of the solutions to this problem, ASIM believes, is for medical schools to require students - as early as their first year - to participate in community-based, internal medicine preceptorship programs.
Interim reading assignments are included to bridge the period between the preceptorship and workshop; a written evaluation of the entire program as well as a final examination will complete the program after seven months of training.
In collaboration with medical and nursing faculty members at a post-secondary institution in western Canada, the researchers recruited three senior (final year) undergraduate nursing students, all female, aged 21-23 years; and four medical students, one male and three female, aged 24-29 years, undertaking a third year preceptorship placement.
The purpose of this pilot study was to determine if there was a difference in self- perceived confidence in meeting the AACN essentials between senior students who completed a traditional clinical course and those in a preceptorship course.
You will also receive: | Additional nancial support towards travel, childcare and cost of books etc; | Clear information on how to nd a course; | Support in nding a clinical placement ; | eory and clinical-based training; | Access to a mentor; | Simulation techniques to practice skills; and | Preceptorship support.
Training and support will be provided to all nurses who have completed preceptorship whose application is successful.
The book also contains effective tools, including an overview of learning theories and learning styles that will aid in providing an individualized preceptorship.
The nurses recently completed a three-year degree and diploma course and have now started a six-month preceptorship programme with the Trust.
reports on the preceptorship component of the NETP (New Entry to Practice) programme.