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Nonetheless, the preceptorship model is used widely throughout New Zealand to support both undergraduate nursing students as well as new staff, such as GRNs enrolled into NETP (New Zealand Nurse Educators Preceptorship Subgroup, 2010).
How does the undergraduate nursing curricula prepare nursing students for preceptorships in rural communities?
The AACN Confidence Survey was administered prior to graduation to BSN students who completed the traditional senior clinical course during the fall or winter semesters in the 2010-2011 academic year (IV = 118), and again to students who completed the newly revised senior clinical preceptorship course in the fall or winter semesters in the 2011-2012 academic year (N = 127).
In addition, there is another important group of industrial representatives who do preceptorships.
This model differs in quite concrete ways from preceptorship by being designed to meet the mentees' needs and purposes rather than those of the institutions in which midwives may be employed.
This support was rated as being either 'very useful' or 'moderately useful' by five of the six respondents and this appears to agree with findings in the literature which support the effectiveness of preceptorship for newly-registered nurses (Bellinger & McCloskey 1992, Hancock 2002, Pickens & Fargotstein 2006).
However, those who have taken on a preceptorship role, whether voluntary or otherwise, and have a student in tow, need to take the time to get to know their student on first meeting.
that is not the sole purpose of preceptorships or clerkships.
Two medical students commenced their preceptorships six weeks prior to the other medical students thus their participation in the IPE was limited to two weeks.
He details what it means to be premed, how to apply to schools, how admissions committees evaluate applicants, success stories of applicants, and dealing with rejection and finding alternatives, with a list of summer programs and preceptorships and a directory of all schools in the US and application and other information.
REGISTERED NURSES (PRECEPTORS) The experience of providing preceptorships is often likened by RNs to being caught in the middle; relationships must be negotiated and maintained with students, peers and colleagues, the broader health service, and the university (Charleston & Happell, 2005).